Welcome from the Trek Nepal Foundation.

We are a group of friends and family dedicated to the support, redevelopment and growth of villages in rural Nepal affected by the 2015 earthquake

Our aim in the short term has been to help provide immediate aid to rural villages before the 2015 monsoon hits. Thanks to some generous private donations from some members of the Trek Nepal Foundation, Trek Nepal staff have already visited Phalate, a village in the Sindhupalchok District, 57km north-east of Kathmandu. They were able to deliver shelter and food supplies to the residents.

More recently we have been able to secure enough funds for the building of some more structurally sound accommodation able to cope with the challenges of the monsoon, and which can be used later for storage or animals once permanent rebuilding begins.

Our attention in future months, and in fact for many years to come, is to help in more long term regeneration and redevelopment in these affected areas.

How can we do this?


Our long term goal is to raise enough funds on an ongoing basis that will allow for a coordinated effort to rebuild more permanent buildings including homes and schools.

Autonomy at a local community level is an essential part of this process, and we aim to employ the skills of local people and use locally sourced resources where-ever necessary and possible.


The tourism sector is a key contributor to Nepal's economic growth and as such is an essential part in the re-building of Nepal post April 2015. The industry is seen by many as a way to alleviate poverty and achieve greater social equity in the country.

Looking forward to the 2015 Autumn Trekking Season and beyond we plan to introduce (in association with Trek Nepal International) treks to communities in the affected regions where volunteer participants will be involved with the Foundations redevelopment and regeneration activities.